Business Process
Management - ELMA

ELMA BPM is a business process management system which you to switch from instructions to automatic execution and control of processes and helps to manage the efficiency of the company's activities.

How BPM works?

A business process management system is based on a simple idea: the business processes of the organization are simulated using visual diagrams at the stage of system application. Then such diagrams are downloaded in the computer system and become executable. Thus, the program allows controlling the execution of business processes in the real business practice of the enterprise.

Designing (modeling) of business processes

Work with business processes in the ELMA BPM application begins with their modeling. Modeling of business processes is performed in the ELMA Design program included in the ELMA set of systems. The designer ELMA has a simple and intuitive graphical interface. An important point is that business process design can be performed by a business analyst without the participation of a programmer. The business process diagram identifies the participants in the process, the set of their actions and their sequence. The diagram of the business process (graphic model) is designed by dragging appropriate blocks from the palette with mouse and then the operations are connected by transitions. ELMA BPM program provides convenient tools for monitoring of the progress of processes and execution of tasks within the current business processes.

There are various tools for the system users. The My Processes page contains a list of all process instances that relate to the current user of the system: business processes in which the user is called the initiator, the responsible or the executor.”Process monitor” page is used to analyze the work on the processes: the section illustrates the types of processes in which the users are called owner, curator or informator. To get detailed information about the processes, you can go from the “Process monitor” page to the card of any illustrated processes.

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