Service Level
Agreement (SLA)

SLA – means Service Level Agreement. SLA identifies the properties, amount, date of delivery and interruption and problem solving periods and other similar features of the services provided from the service provider to the customer by an agreement between the SLA customer and service provider. SLA creates standards for service quality and sets the service that the customer's service provider must expect from the firm. In this way, it can be possible to assess and direct the individual and organizational service quality of the employees of the supporting organization.

SLA is particularly important in determining technical support, advisory services, and maintenance repair contracts. The customer shall determine the level and significance of services to be received from the firm under the SLA agreement. So the level of services can received within the project can be reduced to provide upgradable services or to save budget.

Online exam

The AtlExam system is the perfect software for offering online examinations and tests. It is possible to assess the students and staff through online tests and exams, check the skills of employees or a new employee to be recruited for the Human Resources and assess knowledge after studying the new product for sellers. LMS (University, school, course and so forth) is capable of full integration by software. It is possible to get the feedback of students by online program, test or an additional inquiry. There is detailed reporting on trial exams to analyze your student and staff performance.

Advantages of trial exam platform:

  • Is an effective tool to prepare for trial exams for the users;
  • Creating a personnel cabinet for every user;
  • Taking trial exam in an online mode;
  • Opportunity to join trial exams at any time of the day and anywhere accessing the Internet;
  • Supporting of the portal on all modern platforms;
  • Getting full information on test questions that have been analyzed on the test results;
  • Psychological preparation of the users for examinations.
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