MS Share Point

In addition to intranet, extranet and internet portal needs of the companies, using and directing of the organizational information pool is both expensive and time consuming. Microsoft SharePoint is a platform that provides a portal infrastructure that provides all organizational workflows with an electronic media, document management system, integrated with other applications, and extends them all.

Besides, SharePoint is widely used as a web site infrastructure thanks to its ability to integrate interface surface which enables to become prominent in terms of digital marketing. ATLinfotech involves its customers with SharePoint technology solutions.

The advantages provided by Microsoft SharePoint to its customers:

  • Provide an information center for the employees of the company and a joint work environment;
  • Fast and easy access to information thanks to detailed searches;
  • Provide managed internet sites thanks to web content management;
  • Provide full integration with the Microsoft Office family;
  • Provide reporting applications;
  • To manage official documents by registration office and digital signature;
  • To provide workflow.
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