Corporate Sales

ATL InfoTech (www.atltech.az) was established in February 2013 and operates within the information and communications technologies sector. Despite being a young company, the company has a rich pool of human resources with its employees having years of experience in different areas of the IT sector, telecommunications, banking and finances, public and private companies etc. Our company is in partnership with large international companies such as Cisco, Microsoft, HP etc..

ATL InfoTech is the place where you can develop professionally and build the carrier. Our company creates necessary conditions for personal and professional development of its employees. Pleasant environment, sincere and friendly staff, corporate events are the factors making ATL InfoTech a work place of choice.

We are looking for a “ Corporate Sales Manager”

Job responsibilities

  • Providing best service quality to customer always, establishing example for immediate as well as hotel wide personnel;
  • Interacting everyday with Sales Coordinator for sales information required for professional execution of all commitments;
  • Developing and implementing programs effective for enhancing sales performance;
  • Visiting clients or arranging meetings to discuss a product and how it will meet the requirements of a customer;
  • Delivering sales pitches and presentations to clients, highlighting the benefits of a product to influence purchase.
  • Communicating with customers to identify their requirements and assisting them with selecting appropriate products that meet their specifications;
  • Motivating and guiding sales teams to improve performance and achieve set goals;
  • Collaborating with the marketing, advertising, and production heads to develop and implement plans effective for enhancing sales and overall company performance;
  • Ensuring marketing goals and activities are in line with sales targets;
  • Compiling, analyzing, and interpreting sales data to provide reports to management on performance.


  • Developing sales pitches and materials using self-conducted market analysis
  • Developing sales talent through the use of sales management techniques
  • Using CRM software to monitor team-client communication
  • Teaching sales team closing techniques and how to negotiate for the best possible deal
  • Keeping employees motivated through use of compassion and other interpersonal skills

Please send your CV to the following e-mail address by indicating " Corporate Sales Manager " in the subject line: applicants@atltech.az