ATL Tech launches
its AI Lab!

ATL Tech launches  <br/>  its AI Lab!

The chatbots’ seamless communication with online customers, “things to buy” list generated by e-commerce websites, optimally estimated rates and duration by taxi companies, Google’s or Alexa’s speech recognition and many other such wonderful cases show the penetration of AI into our life.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not a nasty robot which want to eradicate the human race, as it is used to be perceived. In simple terms it is intelligence demonstrated by machines developed with the intention of automating tasks with minor interferences of individuals.

Yes, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic of recent years. But how wonderful it is to see a local company like ATL Tech investing in it.

The idea is to extract the necessary information like case type, location from the caller’s voice and type it to the form automatically. It will give an opportunity to the call center operators to take the necessary measures quicker, which eventually leads to a significant risk reduction.

As specialists know “speech to text” in Azerbaijani language still is one of the problematic issues. It requires data collection of million different voices in different dialects, tones and situations. But the bliss of result is already motivating.

At the moment, there are two researchers and one academician working on AI Lab. But ATL Tech want to grow and therefore invites all the interested engineers and researchers to join them. Interested candidates can send their resume along with motivation letter to atllab@atl.az under the subject “AI”.