K3 software program
in 102 Call Center!

K3 software program <br/> in 102 Call Center!

Ministry of Internal Affairs has replaced program software operated by 102 call center with K3, emergency call center management launched by ATL Tech. This change aimed at quick response to crimes, strong security of residents and much easier information exchange. It is worth to mention that K3 software program is currently being used by Ministry of Emergency Situations for effective management of emergency calls.

K3 is a software program with simple interface but with maximum functionality for automatic receiving, transmissioning and processing of emergency calls to the call center.

It provides 7/24 call-taking dispatch services for police, ambulance, fire and other types of emergency situations, and shares the life-saving information instantly with the closest emergency center. The system, built in accordance to all organizations’ needs, registers the various cases regardless of their types, places and time. In addition, each user profile with detailed personal information becomes accessible through K3 software program.