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ATL Tech values<br/>talented<br/>students

An internship represents a spring-board between the education and professional work life, therefore, students should appreciate how the right internship is important to find. ATL Tech never forgets about the talented students, and it continues inviting them to participate in internship programs across different departments since 2015. The main goal of ATL Tech’s internship program is not just to train prospective employees for the company’s private interests, but also, to bring up organized and innovative employees to the overall labor market. Till today, ATL Tech has had 120 interns, and many of them have already received the job offers.

Temir Gasimov is one of the young and talented students who received the job offer after successful completion of 3-month internship at ATL Tech. We would like to share his success story with you.

“I got an internship opportunity at ATL Tech in a Junior Software Developer position. Despite the fact that it was internship, the selection process was quite challenging. During three months, I have been the part of real projects and collaborated with the team. The things that I like about ATL Tech is a colorful working environment with experienced colleagues and immense technological possibilities to develop professionally. It is significant to mention that the interns are not only in the execution part of the assigned task as our supervisors expect us to research and find the possible solutions to defined problem independently. Therefore, I can proudly tell, ATL Tech produces competitive and highly skilled specialists for the market during the internship program. I am extremely passionate to grow further and reach my career goals by getting higher positions in this company.

My advice to future interns is to improve research and language skills and never give up to be a part of this great team, because ATL Tech is the best workplace to see their professional and personal growth constantly!”

If you are dreaming to get your best ever internship experience and to be a part of ATL Tech family, please, send your CV to internship@atl.az