Online Exam Software is advanced application designed to conduct all kinds of computer based exams. Computer based exams can be conducted with and outside organization. The system allows to create exam in any subject and apart ordinary question types, supports mathematical, physics and chemical formula creation. Question can be provided various difficulty levels and score. Exam results are automatically graded in real time. The solution can be used to assess the students and staff knowledge level, check the skills of employees and assess knowledge level of any system users. The application is accompanied with advanced reporting, too.


  • Effective tool to prepare for trial exams for the users;
  • Creating a personnel cabinet for every user;
  • Taking trial exam in an online mode;
  • Opportunity to join trial exams at any time of the day and anywhere accessing the Internet;
  • Supporting of the portal on all modern platforms;
  • Getting full information on test questions that have been analyzed on the test results;
  • Psychological preparation of the users for examinations.