It is intended to establish the integrated electronic database of all legal entities and natural persons operating in the territory of the Azerbaijan Republic, their facilities, enterprises, as well as their plants and equipments. This system is called the Object Passport  System (OPS). The state facilities, business facilities, plants and equipments, legal entities, natural persons engaged in entrepreneurial activities without founding a legal entity and private persons having any property without engaging in entrepreneurial activities can be registered in the system.

The authorized officers can enter, update, and delete information about all objects via Object Passport  System. The users of the system can search any facility they want, as well as the relevant information about them in the system and use this information within the framework of rights granted them. The organizations implementing supervision and control may use this system for controlling purposes. In this system, organizations can monitor the state of the facility for the purpose of fire, radiation and technical safety. The system had been designed to integrate with other systems. The OPS system is the decision support system that helps the organizations using the system to make more effective decisions.

The legal entities and natural persons, their facilities, plants and equipments are registered in the EPS system in hierarchic order. The main advantage of the system is the ability to add dynamic parameters according to the types of the facilities.