December 15, 2021

You will find the books that I have completed or attempted to complete over the year 2021

Below you will find the books that I have completed or attempted to complete over the year 2021. At the end of the article, you will find my top 5 & everything before that has no ranking. I have tried to be short and clear about my opinion on each book. Hope this helps with your choices.

Incognito by david Eagleman

I always wonder why scientists say that only a fraction of our brains works. I grew up thinking that I use my entire brain to make decisions and take important steps in my life. The more I dwell into neuroscience and psychology more interesting it gets. It is one of my go-to topics these days.

Inner Engineering by Sadhguru

I am amazed how Sadhguru emphasized the essence of yoga. Although when he was in Baku I went to his event, to be honest, I was not impressed and I thought he is very commercialized. However, I did enjoy reading the way he explained the best exercises and steps to keep the body in shape. I was advised of this book by a friend, I asked what should I do if I want to practice yoga, he said know its history first & advised this book.

Seven brief lessons on physics by Carlo Rovelli

Rovelli is one of those competent authors who are capable of converting their ideas into influential words. Even though physics has been my weakness, I managed to cope with it just because Rovelli explained some technical elements so beautifully that I passed my exam on the first attempt! However he covered the basics, now I am even more curious to read Richard Feynman’s works. FYI Feynman is one of the biggest names in Physics & was part of the Manhattan project – yes that one with the atomic bomb.

The like switch by Jack Schafer

I always wanted to be around people but have never been so lucky, I don’t know why! Then one day, I was scrolling through a Google page and got my hands into this book. The title of this book was the main reason behind my decision to read. It just stuck in my mind and never left until I read it completely. It helped me a lot to be-friend with people and leave a good impact.

Relentless by Tim Grover – for NBA fans

Tim coached big names in NBA like MJ, Kobe & Wade. For every success, it takes a lot of hard work and effort. We cannot achieve any goal without struggling and finding ways to resolve issues. I am not only saying this because I have read this book but, I have also implemented its teachings and they have made a huge difference in what I am today than I was years ago. But to be honest, the book should have been much shorter, I hate when writers wrap big books around small yet effective ideas.

How to become a genius in the stock market

A friend of mine Orkhan Mahammadi advised me of this book, he told me that I should wrap my head around simple stuff before making my first trade. I learned a lot from this book, which helped me to clear some of my concepts and resolved my confusion that was restricting me from playing in the stock market.

I highly recommended a piece of art for those who have started trading or want to start.

Magnetism – rose MacFarlane

Very weird little book on magnetism, it is an airport book which I grabbed on the go. Can't say much about it.

River out of Eden – Richard Dawkins

For me, this book has played a significant role to understand how life used to be decades ago and how mankind evolved over the years. I really appreciate how Dawkins explained every single detail about different genes in organisms along with their indifference.

However, this book would not be an interesting read for fun-loving people because it is full of technical, scientific, and historical knowledge.

 The art of war Sun Tzu

If someone wants to know the mindset and thoughts of the Chinese Military, the Art of the War could be one of the sources. This book is a huge brand & my fear of missing out was the trigger for me reading this book.  

The common sense by Thomas Paine

I have heard a lot about how people of the 13 colonies got independence from Great Britain but never had the chance to read about the details. Thanks to Thomas Paine to put up everything in detail in a single place, where I can educate myself on this point. Being a global history lover, I always admire such information and historical events that not only highlight societal issues but also bring light on political and governmental norms.

Rational Optimist by Matt Ridley

This masterpiece from Matt Ridley is an insightful defense for the idea of greater specialization and trade that could accelerate our efforts towards achieving greater human dignity and higher living standards. The book is full of moments that give amazing life lessons for the readers to evaluate their lives and land on the decision of whether they are moving on the right track or not. In short, it is the best book for self-assessment. Got to admit this book was the only audiobook in my collection. Thanks to my “rayon” ride this one kept me good company.

Einstein theory of relativity by William Edwards Henderson

For me, the book’s start was a little bit boring because of the generic explanation Einstein gave. But, as soon as I moved to chapters 2 and 3, my interest increased. It made me realize that Einstein didn’t have as many facilities and inventions as we have today; still, he managed to leave such amazing theories and laws that we will be using every now and then to understand nature. I am convinced why Einstein is such a big name since day 01.

The art of public speaking D. Carnegie

Practice makes a man perfect - Carnegie backed this statement with his idea that a good public speaker is the result of continuous practice and dedication. I recommend people to read this book for once and try to list down their weaknesses so that they can be improved. Personally, I implemented the ideas and suggestions given in this landmark book, and believe me, they worked wonders on my personality. People now admire my intellect, humor, and the way I used to convey my message.

Perfect addition to the must-read list for every person..! However I think that with practice you can improve organically, I am doing so myself. I feel lighter while doing a public speech now. Thanks to books, advice from pros & practice.

The art of money getting P.T. Barnum                 

A perfect source of getting inspiration on how to make money! Several years ago, I was struggling with building my professional career. I wasn’t lucky enough to be part of some intellectual groups or discussions which severely affected my understanding level regarding making money and trying out different things to fill my pocket. I wish I had this book in my early 20s…

Warren buffet management secrets by Mary Buffet and David Clark

Warren is one of my all-time favorites, any reading that tells me more about how his mind works is a “good to go”

Sapiens by Yuval Harrari – most overrated book – probably of all time

I have always been interested to discover mankind’s origin and how they used to be decades ago. After almost everyone mentioned this book, I decided to give it a go. Yuval Harari has explained how humans evolved over the decades along with their attributes, behavior, and everything. Is this the best history book ever? No! Is it the most marketed book ever? Well, it is in the top 15 of all time, that’s for sure.

Plato – symposium and the death of Socrates (half completed)

This was a diversity choice and it did not play out well. I got bored and ditched it…

100 practical ways to improve customer experience by Martin Newman & Malcolm Mcdonald

This book has got the best explanation for the importance of marketing strategies. I know a lot of people who have explored the true meanings of customer service and customer satisfaction after reading this book I have emphasized the “customer comes first” strategy at ATL a lot, right up to the point that I started annoying my colleagues.

Ethics 101 by Brian Boone (half completed)

Another diversity & ditched book. Did not enjoy it that much…

The great minds and ideas of all time by Will Durant

After introducing myself to Durant’s philosophical masterpiece ‘The lessons from history,’ this is the next book that has made me realize the true meanings of great minds. The way he put the chapters of this book is really incredible, especially 100 Best Books to read. In fact, I was in a time machine while reading the last 2 chapters- 10 peaks & 12 dates. I would recommend every person, who loves to read philosophical books, to try out this book. I am sure no one will regret reading this- just like I do.  Will Durant is far better to read than Yuval Harrari – if history is a preferred topic for you.

The next 100 years by George Friedmann

An interesting projection by George, worth a shot.

Brief answers to big questions by Stephen Hawking

Stephen the legend on wheels, was impressed with deeper explanations of black holes & the concept of time. It was a better read than Rovelli, much better.

Mastery of self – Don Miguel Ruiz 5

This book has given me the inspiration and courage to accept how my life is going right now. I advise this book to anyone who suffers due to childhood traumas or wishes to understand their emotions. This book is definitely in my top 5.

Stealing fire – Steven Kotler 4

I have always heard that good books always leave their impact on the readers- I never believed in this statement until I read Stealing Fire and saw a major change in my opinions of a successful life. Advised by Gunel a dear friend from childhood, this book was an interesting coverage of well-known industries and practices from another angle. Its weird how you can cover navy seals, google, history, burning man & psychedelics all in one book.

Leadership and strategy tactics by Jocko Willink – 3

This book made me realize that leadership is an art that not all people can master. Advised by a decorated & currently serving military man. This book became an awesome addition to my list. I cannot believe that the decision of reading this book is paying me off right now when I am a team leader for a project and have to delegate authority, assign tasks and develop strategies! I recommend everyone to read it at least once because it can literally make you a successful and influential leader. Jocko is a very very interesting character.

The Prophet by Kahlil Gibran – 2

This book is the only fictional book on my list & put simply this one is “for the soul”. It is a masterpiece, which instantly makes you feel better & gives you smiles on the go.

The essentialist by Greg McKeown – 1 best of the year

Getting the right things done at the right time with the right momentum is what I have learned from this masterpiece. Whether you are just starting up with a project or have an entire workforce to manage and monitor, less is always better than getting your hands into every task or challenge. This book also inspired me to make a whole speech on it in front of hundreds of people. It deserves to be my number one. Thanks to Chingiz who recommended it.

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