A seamless way of queue management

ATL Tech presents a software program for queue management. The system maintains several functionalities for customer management and the effective work of operators.


Q-Line features

Admin panel

This interface is designed for the admin who controls and manages the system. The administrator has the right to access statistics, to add new users, branches, and services.


Collects reports about key deliverables such as number of tickets waiting in the branch, average service time and employee performance for data analytics and other purposes.

System integration

The integration with other systems can be easily implemented in compliance with the requirements, and it is permitted to make changes to the system at any time.

Multilingual interface

Our system demonstrates multilingual interface features allowing to support every single language.


The required structure for each operator is defined through the system, and related operations run based on it.

Local support

We have local professionals who are ready to easily and quickly support technical issues whenever it is needed.

Why choose Q-Line?

  • Reduced customer wait time

  • Improved staff management

  • Increased customer satisfaction

  • Q-Line
    branches are functioning online every day
    clients get services every day
    transactions are realized every day

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