Collect data with the right software

Object Passport System (OPS) is a software program that collects detailed information about objects in a single database, including government and business entities, equipment and facilities, legal persons, and generally people engaged in entrepreneurial activities.


OPS features

Dynamic parameters

The dynamic nature of parameters within the system allows the user to add, update and delete parameters of any object type accordingly.


Allows to keep collected information in a more secure and improved way for increasing efficiency by preventing productivity loss.

Simple interface

The system allows to register information about objects, equipment, and facilities in a hierarchical order which is beneficial for easy search and better user adoption.

System integration

Easy integration with other systems of different governmental structures makes the processes more efficient.


Provides an opportunity to store available data in an electronic form to ensure lower costs for going paperless.

Admin panel

Supplies the visibility of the dashboard functionalities by the user status to utilize information within the framework of rights.

Why use OPS?

  • Simplified reporting

  • Flexibility & multitasking

  • Reduced organizational costs

  • OPS
    data collected in the system
    objects are added to the system each day
    regional centers utilize the system constantly

    Who trusts OPS?

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