Lift your debt management up

Moneygate is a web-based software developed for the collection of financial liabilities. It is designed in accordance with the financial and non-financial organizations’ needs, products, and structures.


Moneygate features


Enables the users to carry out all operations related to inbound and outbound calls through the computer.

Information Exchange

Manages the import of the debtor information from the banking system of different banks to the system in a standard form.

Debtor Information

Ensures the management of debtor information and shows the records of negotiations with the clients.


Ensures export of reports in Excel, CSV, PDF formats and reflects analytical data in visual charts and diagrams.


Allows creating outbound campaigns in order to facilitate the debt collection process using different channels and lines.


Makes certain modifications to the system, monitors users and adds new information.

Why choose Moneygate?

  • Streamlined payment experience

  • Systemized debt collection

  • Flexible operations management

  • Moneygate

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