Yanvar 05, 2021

Click to Connect; E-event Uprising

The 29th of October in the year 1969 was a phase of technological evolution that changed the world significantly. The first internet ambiance was introduced through packet switching methodologies and the rest is history. After this great discovery, a lot of advancements in this field continue to thrive bringing a new generation called the digital world.

Well, a lot have been discovered over the past decades of Internet development. The intention of this article is to narrow ideas on click and connect approaches and in particular on e-event uprising. From the perspective of a layperson, an event can be explained as a fundamental or unusual occurrence of a happening in a distinct area and so forth. Further, the definition of uprising in the same context can be explained as a major occurrence or an action of terror and violence that happens under a specific government. With that understanding, the technological definitions of these terms relate but in a different platform.

Look at it this way, an e-event uprising being associated with a virtual event. More of interactive approaches promoted by the internet, an online event is a great congregation or rather an audience in the realm of the internet. No limits are in this form of concept and all that is required is clicking and connecting in the world-wide web.

Electronic Event Uprising Concepts.

“A town square of a certain global village” in the near future is what describes the internet. Quoting one of the world’s greatest philanthropists and computer gurus alias Bill Gates, understanding the concept of e-event will be easier. An electronic event uprising is a technological degree of being able to capture real time events and occurrences when they are happening. More of virtual advancements, you can be able to receive real time important or unusual happening all over the world.

Based on a certain physical location, you can be able to see in the online platforms what is happening and click to connect with the individuals across that specific area. E-event uprising can also be termed as virtual event uprising where a real time vision is translated to an online real time scenario.

Click to connect; e-event uprising scenarios

A lot has happened in the world and due to technological advancements, many of these instances have been captured and documented as well. The innovation has resulted in real-time virtual capturing of events which is all a new evolution of e-event.

On the 4th of August 2020, one of the most fatal explosions in the modern world happened miles away in the capital of Lebanon alias Beirut. The concepts e-event under the norms of click to connect can be understood in the following example. Due to Covid-19 precautions, there was a restricted guest attendance for that particular wedding. To satisfy the uninvited, the event was broadcasted through online channels clarifying this scenario as an e-event. When the explosion happened, the event was heavily affected and the audience in the online medium witnessed the event. The case scenario can be classified as an e-event uprising. On the 24th of December 2020, one of the largest e-conference is expected. The 6th international e-conference on studies in Humanities and Social Sciences alias 6IeCSHSS will be launched amid the proceeding of global education development.

Most governments have taken strict measures in combating the Covid-19 pandemic. One of the procedures in ensuring the disease is mitigated is promoting online board meetings. Nearly all the continents have adopted the perception of digital meetings set up and there is positivity in that. A recent scenario is when the US government through its confidants update the president on the recent trend of the Pandemic. Online concerts are also a trending e-event concept that has recently dominated in the world of digital entertainment. Real-time concerts from all corners of the world are real. An example of e-event platforms includes Worldwide E-live where one can purchase tickets in the online world and also enjoy ambiance of entertainment. Electronic Musical groups have also followed the advancement.

There are more scenarios in the concepts of click to connect e-event uprising. Due to the fatalities and chaotic complication of Coronavirus alias Covid-19, a lot of gathering and so forth has been suspended. One of the largely affected sectors is the education sector. Well, a new technology of e-learning has further been advanced to promote a better education system respectively. E-event through the approaches of click to connect algorithms continue to dominate in this form of health disaster. Learners continue to enjoy the innovation of technology through this scheme.

Based on company development and innovation, one of the greatest computing and technology companies is Apple. Normally, the company in the context invites various members such as the press, technical bloggers and so forth to watch their launching of products and so forth. The Apple events are also broadcasted or rather aired virtually through social media platforms and customers are able to learn the technological items. The ability to click to connect to the e-event is a trend in the current and the future world.

Benefits of Click to connect; e-event uprising

There are many merits associated with the methodology of click to connect through the doctrines of e-event uprisings. To companies such as Apple, Windows, Huawei and many more, it is a channel where a wide range of customers and audiences in the global market get to understand about a certain product. It brings people closer to you and with a good technology gear, leads and sales will increase. E-event uprising is also an aid factor in establishing global conferences especially in times of health crises i.e. CoronaVirus. Also, in various companies, it is a channel of electronic marketing as well.

Instances such as the Beirut explosion, the fact that technology was involved in spreading the world and alarm on this site was of benefit. A significant number of people cancelled the plan to visit that particular location just by seeing an e-event uprising. Through the click to connect approach the whole ideas were accessible in nearly all social media posts. E-event uprising significant in this context and more is that is creates an alarm and globally, everybody can understand what is happening

In the world of electronic learning, the concept of e-event uprising is also promoted. Currently, the education system is being promoted robustly through this virtual experience. Look at it this way, e-event is a medium of cost reduction in nearly everything. At the comfort of the house, enjoy the sentiments of clarity and quality at the cost of your time and internet fee.

Technologies involved in Click to connect; e-event uprising

If you’re a tech-oriented individual, some technologies related to e-event uprising and click to connect algorithms are already flashing in your mind. One of the major technologies used in this context is Artificial Intelligence. Also known as AI, it is a future trend in technology that is currently supporting e-event technology with Various algorithms and protocols being developed every single day. Internet of things alias IOT, data science and Machine Learning are other technologies that are trending in support of an advanced e-event protocol.

The Internet as a great discovery has immensely changed the way people interact and perform various functions. To summarize this endless concept, let’s adopt the use of click to connect concepts with respect to electronic events and uprising. Why should we adopt e-event? It’s all about efficiency and reaching a global audience that is full of its advantages in terms of lead generations and so forth.

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