Pandemiyanı məğlub etmək üçün əsas vasitə
Aprel 20, 2020

Knowledge Management: an important tool to overcome the pandemic

As we move deeper into the digital world every one of us, every item and even every machine we use generates more and more information for us to process.

The challenge for companies is to capture a relevant stream of information and turn it into enterprised knowledge.

The second big challenge is to capture and process the most valuable information which typically resides in your employees minds.

Capturing tacit knowledge and adding it to the enterprise knowledge base is not an easy task. Both of these tasks can be tackled by implementing a proper knowledge management strategy supported by the correct tool sets.

Over the years one of the big four companies has developed a knowledge management framework that addresses the six pillars of doing proper knowledge management system.

A very important part of this is the technology bubble, putting correct tools in place is crucial to enable and support your knowledge management strategy.

There are various enterprise management systems that capture and structure the data the company has. We at ATL utilize a self-developed ATL Portal which covers these functions. Furthermore, we utilize certain third party products like Slack, Zoom, Bitrix, Redmine & Jira to boost our efficiency.

Successfully digitalizing the processes, data, operations and project management enables companies to successfully bypass the challenges that are created by the nationwide quarantine.

Currently we have digitalized:

  • all company wide information/data/knowledge
  • all processes in people and process management
  • all types of communication

Current readiness to the current situation comes from a long-standing vision of adapting to the criteria and set of standards imposed by Silicon Valley due to the fact that most current trends in the digital world are created and set in that region.

Increasing collaboration and knowledge sharing is one of the most important factors of doing effective knowledge management.

We at ATL made sure that communication rates during the pandemic are all time high, due to the fact, that it is the absolute necessity in times of remote working.

Entrepreneurs have to understand that data centric management is the new era and no single decision should be made based on intuition or the fact that “we have always operated in this way”.

Let me clearly state the fundamental benefits of efficient knowledge management:

  • ease of access to information
  • enabling better and faster decision making
  • communicating important information instantly
  • promoting standardization of processes and procedures
  • faster adaptation for new personnel
  • making expertise available as shared knowledge
  • showing customers how data is utilized for their benefit
  • accelerating the delivery time of services and products
  • reducing friction of processes and internal politics
  • stimulating innovation and education

The current digital age has adopted a system of first-come first-served and with the pandemic this process has sped up significantly.

Those companies who will thrive tomorrow will be the ones who capitalize on successful knowledge management strategy.

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