Contact Center Management System for Bravo market chain

Contact Center Management System for Bravo market chain


MySQL, PHP, Vue.js, Freeswitch


Today one of the major challenges for various business sectors is taking control over the caller experiences which totally impacts the customers’ retention.
Despite the fact that Bravo is one of the most reliable brands in Azerbaijan specialized in the retail sector of food and non-food products with affordable prices, there still existed several Contact Center problems that needed to be solved. Therefore, it was important to determine a powerful Contact Center Management System to simplify and automate the whole call handling process. 

What was our approach?

As a software development company, we came with our unique system to solve the contact center challenges in Bravo market chain. To begin, after analyzing the real case from different angles, we decided to offer a solution consisting of two stages. At the initial stage, we suggested installing our Contact Center software to deal with the registration process, analysis, necessary reports, and other properties of incoming calls. At the second stage, we considered having the records and resolutions of all incoming queries from different channels (Facebook, Email, WhatsApp) in OmnioApp which is still in the development phase.

Taking into account that our software is flexible and adjustable, we decided to add some functionalities asked by the client even after the installment process. Considering that there are still some new features to be added to the system, it can be said that the achieved results directly influenced customer satisfaction rates in a very positive and beneficial way.

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