Queue management system for Pasha Bank

Queue management system for Pasha Bank


Oracle, C#.NET, ASP.NET, bootstrap neon, IIS

How bank and software company overcame challenges connected with queues, no matter where, when, and why, for satisfied customers.
18.03.2019 – Queue management system for PASHA Bank

Found in 2007, PASHA Bank quickly became one of Azerbaijan's leading corporate banks providing top-quality services to support various clients, from large corporates to small and medium enterprises.

The client was in search of flexible and user-friendly software that could easily match changing demands of both bank branches and customers themselves. PASHA Bank also needed built-in online rendezvous functionality within one sole system.

Therefore, as a software development company, we provided them with our smart queue management system that corresponded to their specific requirements and easily handled existing challenges. Moreover, our company supplied PASHA Bank with a branch-based license that allowed a limitless number of clients, operators, and functioning branches, which was especially important for a bank with 6 business centers, 3 branches, and 2 FX offices in Azerbaijan.

As a result of this cooperation, we developed queue management software that was easily integrated by three systems and installed additional Wi-Fi password generator functionality.

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