Public Safety and Security

Solutions provided by ATL Tech aim to help national organizations in protecting the well-being of citizens. We create our software using the latest technologies and ensure to manage and facilitate your day-to-day processes and handle emergency cases efficiently right in the process.

Public Safety and Security

Public safety and security solutions we offer

Contact Center Management

ATL Tech’s technologies assist organizations in strengthening their brand image by improving customer services at every step. Contact Center Management solutions provided by our company can help your business achieve workforce optimization, increase efficiency, and enhance the services’ quality to ensure that your customers have the best support.

Case Management

Case management services help call takers and dispatchers handle emergency calls, by collecting the most important information (phone numbers & current location). ATL Tech’s Case Management solutions are designed with the use of high-end technologies, to help your organizations coordinate incident events as quickly and safely as possible.

Fleet Management

Fleet management software will help your organizations manage vehicles and equipment to increase the efficiency and productivity of day-to-day operations. ATL Tech designed solutions using cutting-edge technologies that enable your businesses to automate all fleet-related tasks, drive down costs, minimize accidents, and manage risks with absolute accuracy.

Map & GIS Management

ATL Tech services will help your organizations create detailed maps and transform your valuable data into visual information. Based on advanced technologies solutions provided by our company will solve your problems and increase efficiency, by ensuring reliability.


Emergency Call System

When it comes to emergency cases every second counts, so you need a system that is smart, flexible, and intelligent. The system that automates processes and simplifies tasks to save time when you need to protect those you care about the most. ATL Tech emergency call-taking system handles it all.

Police & Law Enforcement

Police & Law Enforcement management system stores, organizes, retains, and archives personnel files containing accurate information needed for reporting and day-to-day operations. The system enables to cover the entire lifecycle of the records and provides continuous integration with numerous reporting devices.

Dispatch System

A dispatch management system designed to give you ultimate control over transportation processes ensuring that your drivers reach destinations when and where they are exactly needed. The reliable system, based on automatic routing and scheduling processes provides flexibility and cuts down errors, ensuring a smooth workflow.

Fire & Rescue

Fire & Rescue management system is smart, fast, and easy to use with numerous modules being able to provide a complete picture of all operations. The system is created especially for emergency cases and supplies with continuous integration, real-time data, and user access for mobilization of your resources when every second is precious. Plan to Prevent. Prevent to Protect!

Data Management

The data management system stores, organizes, and maintains the data to optimize operations. The system ensures that data delivery is available, accessible, and easy to navigate so that organizations always get maximum value from it. Our cloud-based data management functionality makes all related processes not only efficient and secure but also cost-effective.

GIS Database Design

GIS database design system transforms geographic locations into descriptive data offering users the opportunity to visualize the spaces, which is a very powerful tool for the public safety and security sector. We also supply our tools with more detailed information about places and include orientation, shape, and identity in each dataset.

Data Capture and Conversion

Data capture and the conversion system reshapes your data into digital format to make its usage efficient and effective, so you could reach your goals. Our system includes three main processes required: scanning, conversion, and data capture in real-time. We ensure that you reach your data at any time with maximum accuracy and cost-effectiveness.

GPS Vehicle Tracking

A real-time vehicle tracking system collects powerful information about vehicles and location updates, supporting fleet managers with accurate reports. All devices equipped with a GPS receiver allow to store and organize data making usage simple, easy, and effective. When it comes to the Public Safety and Security sector smart and intelligent fleet management handles emergency cases efficiently improving safety on roads.

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