Contact Center

Contact center solution that will help you create a more significant customer experience reinforced by omnichannel support. ATL Tech's software shaped by groundbreaking technologies will increase efficiency and make an intuitive connection with your clients wherever they are.

Contact Center

Contact center solutions that we offer

Customer Engagement Features

We strategize a professional and modern customer engagement strategy to improve customer loyalty, test and personalize marketing offers and create business differentiation.

Workforce Engagement Management

ATL Tech’s dedicated team offers Workforce Engagement Management designed to improve your workforce functionality, and performance by empowering, training and generally, controlling your agents.

Performance Management

With ATL Tech’s Performance Management solution aiming to accelerate the business growth, there is an opportunity to establish and evaluate a particular employee’s job performance according to contact center data.


ATL Tech designs innovative omnichannel solutions that will suit your tech-savvy customers. Our services ensure that all your communication channels are aligned, so you may deliver consistent support to reach customers' expectations.

Analytics and Insights

We all know that customer satisfaction and loyalty is what makes a successful business process. Accordingly, Analytics & Insights will help companies in becoming more strategic, making better decisions using available data to enhance productivity and sales.


Interactive Voice Response

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows you to interact with callers and helps in routing calls to relevant recipients. Don’t be sorry for call overloads!

Queue Management

Queue management option that handles and optimizes your call queues for better customer satisfaction. Turn challenges into Mastery!


Voicemail – automated system that helps you interact with callers even when you are not there to pick up. Get the voice messages from your callers and route them to relevant recipients. Cause every call matters!


Callback feature that reduces call abandonment percentage and allows you to interact with callers to have a positive impact on customer experience. The more the effort – the better the satisfaction!

Call Forward

Call forwarding system that helps you easily transfer your calls so you can run your business at any time and any place. Stop missing – start connecting!


Telemarketing option that matches your needs, increases revenues and enables campaign announcements to potential customers via call at the same time. Smart decisions – the right way to success!

ACD & Call Routing

Call routing system that creates a queue for incoming calls determining them by order and priority depending on organizations' specific needs. Intelligent call routing management saves agents time, and callers hold time by automatically routing them to the person that suits this call the most. Improve resolutions, increase revenue, and get the most value from transactions with our call routing system.

Call Recording

Stay informed and see the whole picture behind your calls, agents, and callers' interaction using a call recording system that stores each transaction. Data and analytics collected from every recording may serve various purposes including further employee training and better customer understanding. Our intuitive system records and stores data, so you may focus on your goals and reach them with a fast-growing team of professionals.


Create and store call reporting analytics that is easy to understand, use, and access, so you may improve the organization’s revenue and always stay at a high level in a competitive ever-changing market. Reports created by our intuitive system will give a clear vision of the data quickly reshaping it into effective business tools. Improve your performance and get maximum customer satisfaction with us.

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