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Being a major industry in the energy market oil and gas has extremely complex systems that call for innovative and sound technological solutions. ATL Tech will support you in adapting to the ever-changing digital age, increasing the safety and efficiency of the operations, so you may stay highly competitive and always one step ahead.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Material Management

The process of material management optimizes the act of controlling and updating stock, and checks the accordance with the material standards and quality. Here the possibility of planning makes the whole process predictable and reduces the risks of losses.

Supply Chain Management

An effective supply chain management considered one of the crucial aspects for satisfying the business needs. Therefore, considering the demand, we help you reach a competitive advantage by covering all the stages from planning to development.

ERP Solution

Our strategic ERP system designed for an oil and gas industry can streamline the large projects, increase the operational efficiency of an enterprise as well as its response time to the customers' inquiries.

Application Development

In today's digital world it is important to choose and develop the right software for optimizing the daily operations and especially, in the oil and gas industry where our development solutions are one of the best options to resolve the possible obstacles.

Future-proof solutions that will stretch the boundaries of Oil and Gas industry

Oil & Gas

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